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MSNBC segment

MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" filmed a segment on our AP investigation into racism and extremism within the military.

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Cornell University appearance

Led a moderated discussion with five Cornell University faculty experts. 

Link here:

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National Press Club feature

”America has yet to reckon fully with its dark history of racism.”


Link here:

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JCC Boston: Racial Justice in America

In 2020, people across the United States took to the streets to protest racism and police brutality. In this Hot Buttons, Cool Conversations event, JCC Greater Boston examines how structural racism has fueled inequity and reflect on our nation’s long legacy of racial injustice. 


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Where do we go from here?

Christy talks with Kat Stafford from the Associated Press and Freep columnist, Nancy Kaffer, about the disparities that have been exposed when it comes to women and the workforce, the true impact of women leaving the workforce, and the policy changes they hope to see going forward. Link:

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NiemanReports feature

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How The Coronavirus Is Disproportionately Impacting Black Americans

The coronavirus pandemic is hitting some communities much harder than others. We’ll take a look at the disproportionate toll it’s taking on African Americans. Kat Stafford, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Utibe Essien join Meghna Chakrabarti.


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COVID-19: Detroit's Black Community is Disproportionately Falling Ill and Dying


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